The Giver

This novel is one of my favorites from when I was younger. It was very easy to re-read. The intention behind the concept of this novel, I feel is good. I felt it was to be beneficial to the community. A community where there is a minimum amount of crime is some that is ideally positive. No one within this community feels pain, sadness, different, sickness, and/or necessarily any harm. That is the perfect world, saying that because it is the total opposite of what our world is now. Sadly, we all know that nothing in the world is 100% perfect. It makes you wonder. We have similar components but different circumstances. We have a council that basically controls, sees, and decides our every move. The difference is, depending on who you are 😅😁, we feel mostly pain, sadness, sickness, and all types of harm.

Just like our world, that utopia is flawed to the bone. It wasn’t necessary for the over excessive control. Are you really living, if you don’t understand what is really going on? I was agreeing with Jonas when “life was becoming real in his eyes”. That was something that makes me think about life in the real world. Maybe pain, sorrow, sadness, and sickness are necessary components of life. We all heard the phrase, “Life ain’t fair”. The bad parts of life are really necessary to balance life. The hard part of life is what makes you appreciate the good in life.

It reminds me of the animated movie “Inside Out”. Riley memories are controlled by a committee of emotions. But most of her memories are from happiness(Control freak😂). Then sadness started messing up things, or so they thought. The movie taught that sadness was an important emotion. It was vital for Riley’s growth as a person.

Jonas decision to run away, like the previous giver apprentice, was him trying to teach the community that they wasn’t really living. They didn’t really have free will. They were only living to die. In life, you should live to live life to the fullest.


One thought on “The Giver

  1. You are right about Jonas’s community being the “perfect world”. Our world is the complete opposite, as you’ve stated, and it is easy to see the differences between the two as well as make a comparison. The United States government is a counsel that decides things for its citizens; however, citizens have their own mind, personalities, cultural differences, and etc to separate them from each other. Jonas’s community was formed to act and to think as one unit, not separate. It is true that there wouldn’t be any good parts of life without the bad—good balances with evil. Also, I like your reference to the animated movie, “Inside Out”, because it portrays exactly what the committee in Jonas’s community does—dictates everything from feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions, etc.


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